Hip Actions Flashcards

Welcome to my revision flashcards for the muscles involved in hip movements. This interactive set of flashcards showcases the primary muscles responsible for specific hip actions. Each card visually represents the action and provides a detailed list of the primary muscles involved. The order of the cards is randomised every time you visit or refresh the page. To delve deeper into each action, simply click or tap on a card to flip it and reveal its contents.

Hip Flexors:

  • Rectus Femoris
  • Iliacus
  • Psoas Major
  • Pectineus
  • Sartorius

Hip Adductors:

  • Gracilis
  • Adductor Longus
  • Adductor Brevis
  • Adductor Magnus
  • Pectineus

Hip Abductors:

  • Tensor Fascia Latae
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Minimus

Hip Extensors:

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Biceps Femoris (Hamstrings)
  • Semitendinosus (Hamstrings)
  • Semimembranosus (Hamstrings)

Hip External Rotators:

  • Piriformis
  • Superior Gemellus
  • Inferior Gemellus
  • Obturator Internus
  • Obturator Externus
  • Quadratus Femoris

Hip Internal Rotators:

  • Tensor Fascia Latae
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Minimus

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